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Training teachers in Singapore since 1968

British Council is highly regarded for its teacher training work in Singapore and worldwide. Our courses and workshops give you the satisfaction of professional development in the key areas of teaching, and bring with them the British Council assurance of quality.

The Teacher Development Centre (TDC) has a long history of Teacher Training in Singapore. We partner MOE on projects, such as the 'Niches of Excellence' and 'Whole School Approach to English' programmes. We also provide consultation on all aspects of English Language teaching.

Let us help you become a new, or better teacher. All our courses are interactive and hands-on, so you learn by doing..

Identify your teaching goal


British Council Teaching Awards

This is the place to start if you are new to teaching, or thinking of taking up teaching as a career. If you are already teaching, the Award modules refresh your knowledge and generate new ideas. They give you the chance to reflect on your teaching knowledge and current practice.

CELTA and YL Extension

These courses (CELTA, YL Extension CELTA and Delta), give you practice in teaching real students. The qualifications are awarded by the world-famous University of Cambridge in the UK.

Advanced skills courses and workshops

Practical ideas to help you improve your classroom practice. We can bring any of our programmes out to your school on a day and time that suits you.


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